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Table 4 A sample of the implemented data properties

From: DMTO: a realistic ontology for standard diabetes mellitus treatment

Property name Domain Range Type
has_length_in_minutes physical exercise integer Inferred
has_next_evaluation_date treatment plan date Asserted
has_expected_decrease_in_A1C diabetes drug float Asserted
can_buy_expensive_drug patient Boolean Inferred
has_amount food double Asserted
has_passed_3_months treatment plan Boolean Inferred
has_glycemic_index food string Asserted
has_total_calories patient profile double Inferred
has_patient_ID patient integer Asserted
has_cost drug string Asserted
has_maximum_dose_per_day diabetes drug float Inferred
has_previous_treatment_plan plan history Boolean Inferred
has_A1C_level target float Asserted
has_basal_metabolic_rate patient profile double Inferred
diabetes_since_date patient profile date Asserted
has_amount_of_calories_for_food food float Inferred
has_date treatment plan date Asserted
has_dose diabetes drug float Asserted
has_severity diagnosis float Inferred
has_social_state patient profile {poor, intermediate, rich} Asserted
has_carbohydrate_grams meal double Inferred
has_calcium food double Asserted
has_sugar_level target float Inferred
has_weight_level target float Inferred
number_of_times physical exercise integer Inferred