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Table 7 Competency questions and corresponding axioms in the ontology

From: DMTO: a realistic ontology for standard diabetes mellitus treatment

# Competency Question DMTO-based Axiom
1 Who are all the patients who achieved their treatment plan goals? patient (?p), ‘treatment plan’(?tp), ‘patient profile’ (?pro), has_patient_profile(?p,?pro), has_treatment_plan(?pro,?tp), has_target_achieved(?tp, “true”^^true), has_passed_3_months(?tp, “true”^^true).
2 Who are the patients who take specific T2DM treatment drug X? ‘patient profile’ (?pro), has_patient_profile(?p,?pro), patient (?p), ‘treatment plan’ (?tp), has_treatment_plan(?pro,?tp), has_part(?tp,?dsub), ‘drug subplan’(?dsub), has_drug_participant(?dsub, X).
3 Who are the patients who have no treatment plan and who have been diagnosed with T2DM? patient (?p), has_previous_treatment_plan(?p, “false”^^boolean), ‘patient profile’ (?pro), has_patient_profile(?p,?pro), has_diagnosis(?pro, ‘diabetes diagnosis’).
4 Who are the patients who suffer from specific disease X? ‘patient profile’ (?pro), has_patient_profile(?p,?pro), patient (?p), has_complication(?pro, X).