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Table 15 Some one-to-one mappings discovered by the restriction-based formal context of SNOMED-NCI

From: Matching biomedical ontologies based on formal concept analysis

Correct 〈SNOMED:Labyrinth structure, NCI:Internal Ear
  〈SNOMED:Structure of lens of eye, NCI:Crystalline Lens
  〈SNOMED:Structure of gum of maxilla, NCI:Upper Gingiva
  〈SNOMED:Appendix structure, NCI:Vermiform Appendix
  〈SNOMED:Structure of cerebral cortex, NCI:Cortex
Incorrect 〈SNOMED:Tendon sheath structure, NCI:Tendon
  〈SNOMED:Muscle structure of orbit, NCI:Orbit
  〈SNOMED:Cheek structure, NCI:Buccal Mucosa
  〈SNOMED:Cerebellar structure, NCI:Vermis
  〈SNOMED:Structure of sole of foot, NCI:Foot
Unknown 〈SNOMED:Parathyroid structure, NCI:Parathyroid Gland
  〈SNOMED:Upper limb structure, NCI:Arm
  〈SNOMED:Female mammary gland structure, NCI:Female Breast
  〈SNOMED:Male mammary gland structure, NCI:Male Breast
  〈SNOMED:Jaw region structure, NCI:Jaw