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Table 22 FCA-based ontology merging and matching systems

From: Matching biomedical ontologies based on formal concept analysis

FCA-based systems for ontology merging or matching   Object in the formal context Attribute in the formal context Binary relation in the formal context
FCA-Merge, FFCA-Merge (merging)   Textual document Class from two ontologies Name of class occurs in document
[22,25,26] (matching)   Ontology class Thesaurus term Term occurs in class
FCA-OntMerge (merging)   Class from two ontologies Attribute from two ontologies Class has attribute
FCA-Map (matching) Step 1: lexical matching Name, label, or synonym of classes from two ontologies Token String contains token
  Step 2: structural validation Class from two ontologies Lexical anchor prefixed with a relation Class has relation with anchor
  Step 3: structural matching Class from two ontologies Validated anchor prefixed with a relation Class has relation with validated anchor
  Step 4: property matching Property from two ontologies A pair of anchors Property links the individuals of two anchors
  Step 5: extended structural matching Class from one ontology Class from another ontology Two classes across ontologies occur in the anonymous ancestors of the same anchor with the same property