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Table 4 Sample misalignments produced by aligning ontologies using either SCBOW or Word2Vec vectors

From: Biomedical ontology alignment: an approach based on representation learning

Terminology to be matched Matching based on SCBOW Matching based on Word2Vec
gastrointestinal tract digestive system respiratory tract
tarsal joint carpal tarsal bone metacarpo phalangeal joint
thyroid gland epithelial tissue thyroid gland medulla prostate gland epithelium
cardiac muscle tissue heart muscle muscle tissue
set of carpal bones carpus bone sacral bone
white matter of telencephalon brain white matter white matter
zone of ligament of ankle joint accessory ligament of ankle joint entire ligament of elbow joint
muscle of anterior compartment of leg compartment of lower leg entire interosseus muscle of hand
dartos muscle dartos layer of scrotum tendon of psoas muscle