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Table 2 Code system elements and their corresponding elements in OWL ontologies

From: Ontoserver: a syndicated terminology server

Code System OWL Comments
Id - The id of the resource is local so it can be passed in as a parameter to the transformation.
Url Ontology IRI The IRI is optional in an OWL ontology. If it is not present then the transformation stops.
Version Ontology version If the ontology has no version, then the version is set to ’NA’. The user can modify this or remove the version altogether.
Name rdfs:label, Ontology IRI If the ontology has been annotated with an RDFS label, then the first occurrence is used as the code system’s name. Otherwise the ontology’s IRI is used.
Publisher Publisher This element can be configured (the default value is http://purl. org/dc/elements/1.1/publisher).
Description Subject, rdfs:comment These elements can be configured (defaults values are http://purl. org/dc/elements/1.1/subject and rdf-schema#comment).
Status - Always set to ACTIVE.
ValueSet Ontology IRI Set by default to the same URI as the code system.
HierarchyMeaning - Always set to SUBSUMES.