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Table 1 Summary of articles discussing IL-1 beta and epilepsy

From: Investigating the role of interleukin-1 beta and glutamate in inflammatory bowel disease and epilepsy using discovery browsing

Study Subjects Method Result/Conclusion
Vezzani et al. [45] Kainite-intoxicated rats Application of IL-1 beta in the hippocampus IL-1 beta prolongs experimentally induced seizures
Vezzani et al. [44] Bicuculline methiodide-intoxicated rodents Intrahippocampal application of recombinant IL-1ra IL-1ra inhibits experimentally induced seizures
Ravizza and Vezzani [46] Male Sprague-Dawley rats Immunohistochemical analysis following acute electrical stimulation in the ventral hippocampus IL-1R1 plays different roles in neurons and in astrocytes during status epilepticus
Wang et al. [47] Rats Injection of right lateral ventricle with both IL-1 beta and glutamate Interaction between IL-1 beta and metabotropic glutamate receptors in the onset of epilepsy
Pernot et al. [48] C57BL/6 adult mice Immunohistochemical analysis of tissue after mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy syndrome induced by intrahippocampal injection of kainate Neuroinflammatory pathways are associated with epileptogenesis
Claycomb et al. [49] IL-1 beta and IL1R1 -/- mice Administration of chemoconvulsants Produced more acute seizures