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Table 2 Summary of articles discussing glutamate and epilepsy

From: Investigating the role of interleukin-1 beta and glutamate in inflammatory bowel disease and epilepsy using discovery browsing

Study Subjects Method Result/Conclusion
Juhász et al. [50] Epileptic children with Sturge-Weber syndrome Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic brain imaging Increased glutamate concentrations observed
Cavus et al. [52] Epileptic and nonepileptic cortical sites in patients with refractory epilepsy High-performance liquid chromatography based on microdialysis probes Elevated extracellular glutamate observed at epileptogenic sites
Perez et al. [53] Tissue extracted from brains of male Sprague Dawley rats infused with methionine sulfoximine Glutamate levels measured with immunogold electron microscopy Glutamine synthetase deficiency leads to increased extracellular glutamate