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Table 1 Example gold standard classes and class members from Korhonen et al. (2006) [15]

From: A neural classification method for supporting the creation of BioVerbNet

Index Class name Subclass name Example members
2.2.1 Biochemical events Biochemical modification dephosphorylate, phosphorylate
4.1.3 Experimental procedure Label stain, label, immunoblot, probe, fix
4.2.0   Precipitate coprecipitate, coimmunoprecipitate, precipitate
9.1.1 Report Examine assess, evaluate, estimate, examine, explore, analyze
9.1.2   Establish establish, test, investigate
9.2.1   Presentational argue, hypothesize, conclude, reason, note, speculate, assume
10.1.1 Perform Quantitate quantify, quantitate, measure, monitor
11.0.0 Release Release release, detach, excise, dissociate
12.0.0 Use Use utilize, employ, exploit
14.0.0 Call Call name, designate
16.0.0 Appear Appear become, occur, seem