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Table 2 List of concepts central to assessing frailty and their associated terms. Terms are not synonymous with the concept or the concept name. They indicate author may have been thinking about the concept. Bolded terms were not found in the topic modeling paper. Underlined terms were added by the annotation task

From: Development of a cardiac-centered frailty ontology

Concept Terms (not synonyms)
ability to run finding Difficulty running; able to run; unable to run; run
ability to stand finding Difficulty standing up; unable to stand up; able to stand up; stand up
able to mobilize finding ambulate independently; steady gait; unsteady gait
bed-ridden finding bed-ridden; supine; stretcher
Paralysis finding paralysis; paralyzed
wheelchair bound finding wheelchair; scooter; w/c; wheel chair
able to perform dressing activity finding dresses; Able to dress; independent with dressing; Needs help with dressing; Dependent for dressing; unable to dress; Difficulty dressing; shoes; ties shoes;
able to perform personal grooming activity finding Able to wash own hair; Unable to wash own hair; Difficulty washing own hair; clean appearance; personal grooming; neatly dressed; well-groomed; well-groomed without assistance; good personal hygiene