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Table 2 Main findings obtained from the usability questionnaire along with supporting statements from participants’ responses and source (question type and participant code)

From: Seeing the whole picture: integrated pre-surgery reports with PreOptique

Finding Sample comments Source
Enables patient data integration Perfect to find information that now is “hidden” because you don't have time to seek [Usage - P1]
The fast integration of patient information/data from different systems, incl. text mining [Like - P3]
Gather info from different databases [Usage - P5]
Fast Fast to find information [Like - P2]
Easy to use It gives information that I need very easy [Like - P1]
Easy to find patient stats [Like - P4]
Easy to understand [Like - P5]
Lacks some security features Security functionality not completely in place (work in progress) [Dislike - P2]
Transition to production deployment Full roll-out as soon as possible [Other - P2]
It is not yet ready to use [Dislike - P1]
Only a small demo [Dislike - P5]
Looking forward to next step [Other - P5]