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Table 1 A comparison of concept coverage, and the identifiers for those concepts, in various information representations: MedXN/PredMed information extraction output, SHARPn annotation schema, FHIR clinical data structures, and TranScriptML

From: An annotation and modeling schema for prescription regimens

MedXN / PredMed SHARPn FHIR TranScriptML
Dosage: amount of medication to be taken with each administration
Dosage Dosage Dose Take, Doseamount
Duration: how long patient is expected to be or has been taking the drug
Duration Duration   Duration
Form: Physical form of the drug
Form Form   Form
Frequency: how often the drug should be administered
Frequency Frequency Frequency, frequencyMax, period, periodMax, periodUnits Freq
Indication: the reason the drug is being taken by the patient
   Reason Indication
Medication: Name of the drug
Medication Medication Medication Medication
  Modifiers Additional Instructions Instruction
PRN: Whether the drug is to be taken as needed
   asNeeded PRN
Route: how the drug is administered
Route Route Route Route
Status: whether the medication is currently being taken
  Status Change   
Strength: the amount of active drug per unit (e.g. per tablet or per ml solution)
Strength Strength   Strength
Timing: additional information relating to life events
   When Timing