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Table 3 TranScript annotation tag Label type descriptions

From: An annotation and modeling schema for prescription regimens

Tag Example Description
Dispense 120 The quantity of a medication to be issued by the pharmacist.
Dispense_unit tablets
Medication Ibuprofen Text specifying a specific pharmaceutical product.
Take 2 The quantity of medication per application, from the patient’s perspective.
Strength 400 The amount of active ingredient per physical quantity of medication.
Strength_unit mg
Doseamount 800 The amount of active ingredient per application of medication.
Doseamount_unit mg
Doseform capsules The form of medication taken. Often marked in conjunction with TAKE.
Duration 3 The period of time a patient should continue using a medication.
Duration_unit weeks
freq 3–4 times per day The frequency of use of a medication.
Timing before meals The intended timing of medication use or application. Differs from FREQ in that it specifies temporal alignment of doses rather than patterns of repetition.
PRN as needed Text indicating medication to be taken only as needed.
Indication pain Condition for which medication is taken.
Route p.o. A medication’s manner or point of application to the body.
Refill no refills Indicates whether refills are allowed or not.
Sub_status no substitutions Indicates whether substitutions are allowed or not.
Instruction if pain persists, call your physician Text indicating patient actions that are not captured by another tag.