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Table 1 Variables used in the F-score equation

From: Automated SNOMED CT concept and attribute relationship detection through a web-based implementation of cTAKES

Algorithm True positive (TP) False positive (FP) False negative (FN)
Named-entity recognitiona Same medical concept identified as golden standard. Identified medical concept differs from golden standard. Medical concept mentioned, but not identified.
Attribute relationship detectionb Attribute relationship present and detected. Attribute relationship not present, but detected. Attribute relationship present, but not detected.
  1. aSNOMED CT concepts 93880001 | Primary malignant neoplasm of lung (disorder) |, 254637007 | Non-small cell lung cancer (disorder) |, and 255227004 | Recurrent (qualifier value)
  2. bSNOMED CT relationship 93880001 | Primary malignant neoplasm of lung (disorder) |: 263502005 | Clinical course (attribute) | = 255227004 | Recurrent (qualifier value)
  3. cSNOMED CT concept 255227004 | Recurrent (qualifier value)