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Table 2 Annotation properties for the fetal and postnatal mouse lung

From: Comprehensive anatomic ontologies for lung development: A comparison of alveolar formation and maturation within mouse and human lung

Annotation property Examples
Age_range E16.5-E17.5, E17.5-E19.5, P0-P3, P4-P36
Developmental_Stage Canalicular Stage (E16.5-E17.5)
Prenatal Saccular Stage (E17.5-E19.5)
Postnatal Saccular Stage (P0-P03)
Alveolar Stage (P04-P36)
Theiler_Stage TS24 (16 dpc), TS25 (17 dpc), TS26 (18 dpc) TS27 (P0-P3), TS28 (P4-Adult)
Evidence Published
Has_abbreviation Abbreviations
Has_synonym Alternative names