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Table 3 Ontology class relations for both mouse and human lung

From: Comprehensive anatomic ontologies for lung development: A comparison of alveolar formation and maturation within mouse and human lung

Relations Examples
part_of “left lung bronchiole” is part_of “left lung”
is_a alveolar epithelium is_a epithelium
“lymphatic endothelial cell” is a “endothelial cell”
adjacent_to “basement membrane” is adjacent_to “alveolar epithelium”
“pericyte” is adjacent_to “alveolar capillary endothelium”
branching_part_of “lateral bronchiole” is a branching_part_of the “central bronchiole”
“terminal bronchiole” is a branching_part_of the “lateral bronchiole”
“alveolar duct” is a branching part of “the terminal bronchiole”
develops_from “alveolus” develops_from “pre-alveolar terminal saccule”, which develops_from “pre-alveolar acinar tubule”
“secondary alveolar septum” develops_from “alveolar septal crest”, which develops_from “primary alveolar septum”
continuous_with “trachea” is continuous_with “bronchus”, which is continuous_with “central bronchiole”