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Table 6 IAA precision, recall and F1 for labels including numbers of TPs, FPs and FNs

From: Text mining brain imaging reports

Ischaemic stroke, deep, recent400100100100
Ischaemic stroke, deep, old814495.2995.2995.29
Ischaemic stroke, cortical, recent133181.2592.8686.67
Ischaemic stroke, cortical, old586390.6295.0892.8
Ischaemic stroke, underspecified666505050
Haemorrhagic stroke, deep, recent21066.6710080
Haemorrhagic stroke, deep, old400100100100
Haemorrhagic stroke, lobar, recent400100100100
Haemorrhagic stroke, lobar, old300100100100
Haemorrhagic stroke, underspecified9011009094.74
Stroke, underspecified141193.3393.3393.33
Tumour, meningioma400100100100
Tumour, metastasis000---
Tumour, glioma000---
Tumour, other2314066.6750
Small vessel disease1583198.1499.3798.75
Subdural haematoma600100100100
Subarachnoid haemorrhage, aneurysmal000---
Subarachnoid haemorrhage, other52171.4383.3376.92
Microbleed, deep1105010066.67
Microbleed, lobar100100100100
Microbleed, underspecified001NaN0NaN
Haemorrhagic transformation1105010066.67