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Table 1 F-score and AUC for our four experiments using different hidden layer sizes

From: Combining lexical and context features for automatic ontology extension

ClassificationHidden layer sizes1050100200
 Number of classesF-scoreAUCF-scoreAUCF-scoreAUCF-scoreAUC
Infectious disease595.65%95.01%96.01%95.74%95.43%95.22%95.68%96.42%
Anatomical disease1369.18%77.22%70.15%80.24%70.20%76.98%72.00%85.11%
Infectious + anatomical diseases1771.07%84.75%73.13%84.03%72.61%84.98%72.67%83.66%
  1. The values in bold represent the highest AUC and F-score within each experiments