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Table 9 Performance of CNN-NEAT’s Attention versus baselines in Side Effect Extraction in term of Precision

From: Neural side effect discovery from user credibility and experience-assessed online health discussions

Methods Ibuprofen Levothyroxine Metoformin Omeprazole Alprazolam
UMLS Tagging 0.6801 0.6145 0.8378 0.5218 0.614
Neural Extractor [21] 0.6741 0.6259 0.8092 0.4665 0.6161
CNN-NEAT’s Attention 0.7073 0.7119 0.8557 0.504 0.688
  1. The Methods column includes the two baselines, UMLS Tagging and Neural Extractor, and the extracted attention of our proposed NEAT – CNN-NEAT’s Attention. We present the five evaluated drugs, Ibuprofen, Levothyroxine, Metoformin, Omeprazole, Alprazolam and the Precision of extracting their side effects for all three methods.