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Table 2 AWO ontologies, with their main differences

From: The African wildlife ontology tutorial ontologies

File nameDifference
AfricanWildlifeOntology.xmlThis is the file from, that was based on the description in [8]
AfricanWildlifeOntologyWeb.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology.xml + changed the extension to .owl and appended the name with Web. This ontology gave at the time (in 2010) a load error in the then current version of Protégé due to the use of Collection in the definition of Herbivore
AfricanWildlifeOntology0.owlAfricanWildlifeOntologyWeb.owl + that section on Collection removed
AfricanWildlifeOntology1.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology0.owl + several classes and object properties were added (up to SRI DL expressiveness), more annotations, URI updated (described in Example 4.1 in [16])
AfricanWildlifeOntology1a.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl + new content for a selection of the CQs in Exercise 5.1 in [16] (its CQ5, CQ8) and awo_12 of the CQ dataset [18])
AfricanWildlifeOntology2.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl + OWL-ised DOLCE (Dolce-Lite.owl) was imported and aligned
AfricanWildlifeOntology2a.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology2.owl + answers to the questions in Example 6.2 in [16] on foundational ontology alignment
AfricanWildlifeOntology3.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl + BFO v1 was imported and aligned
AfricanWildlifeOntology3a.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology3.owl + answers to the questions in Example 6.2 in [16] on foundational ontology alignment
AfricanWildlifeOntology3b.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl + BFO v2 + answer to Exercise 6.7 in v2 of [16] on refactoring the AWO with dispositions
AfricanWildlifeOntology4.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl + some things cleaned up (e.g., consistent naming) and added some science content, more OWL language features are used (up to SRIQ), and several educational explanations and questions for further exploration have been added in annotation fields
AfricanWildlifeOntologyZU.owlMostly AfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl but then in isiZulu, with IRI changed
AfricanWildlifeOntologyAF.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl but then in Afrikaans, has some IRI issues to resolve
AfricanWildlifeOntologyNL.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl in Dutch, with IRI changed
AfricanWildlifeOntologyES.owlAfricanWildlifeOntology1.owl in Spanish, same IRI but different file name