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Table 4 Rules used for our rule-based method, original Japanese with English translations

From: De-identifying free text of Japanese electronic health records

Option 1 main rule Option 2

一昨年 two years ago より (from)

昨年 last year まで (until)
(before hospitalization)
先月 last month 代 (‘s)
(after hospitalization)
先週 last week 前半 (early)
(after visit)
昨日 yesterday 後半 (last)
今年 this year -- (from)
今月 this month -- (from)
(after onset)
今週 this week 以上 (over)
(after onset)
今日 today 以下 (under)
(after care)
本日 today から (from)
  来年 next year 時 (when)
来月 next month 頃 (about)
来週 next week ごろ (about)
翌日 tomorrow ころ (about)
再来週 the week after next 上旬 (early)
明後日 day after tomorrow 中旬 (mid)
同年 same year 下旬 (late)
同月 same month 春 (spring)
同日 same day 夏 (summer)
翌年 following year 秋 (fall)
翌日 the next day 冬 (winter)
翌朝 the next morning 朝 (morning)
前日 the previous day 昼 (noon)
未明 early morning 夕 (evening)
after that 晩 (night)
xx年 xx (year) 早朝 (early morning)
xx月 xx (month) 明朝 (early morning)
xx週間 xx (week) 以前 (before)
xx日 xx (day) 以降 (after)
xx時 xx (o’clock) 夕刻 (evening)
xx分 xx (minutes) ほど (about)