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Table 8 Recommendation regarding the use of systems and algorithms

From: Natural language processing algorithms for mapping clinical text fragments onto ontology concepts: a systematic review and recommendations for future studies

1. Describe the system or algorithm that is used or the system that is developed for the specific NLP task.
 1. When an existing NLP system or algorithm is used, describe how it is set up, how it is implemented in practice, and if and how the implementation differs from the original implementation.
 2. When a new system is developed, describe the components and features used in the system, and preferably include a flow chart that explains how these elements work together.
2. Include the source code of the developed algorithm as supplementary material to the publication or upload the source code to a repository such as GitHub.
3. Specify which ontologies are used in the encoding task, including the version of the ontology.
 1. If a new ontology is developed for the encoding task, report on the development and content of the ontology and rationale for the development of a new ontology instead of the use of an existing one. The MIRO guidelines could be used to structure the report [105].