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Table 1 Comparison of the top ten cited papers from Scopus obtained from the search of `bioprinting’ and the developed search query in titles, abstracts, or keywords

From: Disclosing Main authors and Organisations collaborations in bioprinting through network maps analysis

 Top ten results using the keyword bioprinting [36]Top ten articles using the developed search string
13D bioprinting of tissue and organs [38].Murphy, S.V., Atala, A.2014Nature Biotechnology 32 (8), pp. 773–78514983D bioprinting of tissues and organs [38].Murphy S.V., Atala A.2014Nature Biotechnology
32 (8), pp. 773–785.
2Scaffold-free vascular tissue engineering using bioprinting [39].Norotte, C., Marga, F.S., Niklason, L.E., Forgacs, G.2009Biomaterials 30 (30), pp. 5910–5917600Microscale technologies for tissue engineering and biology [40].Khademhosseini A., Langer R., Borenstein J., Vacanti J.P.2006Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 103 (8), pp. 2480–2487.1163
33D bioprinting of vascularized, heterogeneous cell-laden tissue constructs [24].Kolesky, D.B., Truby, R.L., Gladman, A.S., Homan, K.A., Lewis, J.A.2014Advanced Materials 26 (19), pp. 3124–3130588Clinical transplantation of a tissue-engineered airway [41].Macchiarini P., Jungebluth P., Go T., Asnaghi M.A., Rees L.E., Cogan T.A., Dodson A., Martorell J., Bellini S., Parnigotto P.P., Dickinson S.C., Hollander A.P., Mantero S., Conconi M.T., Birchall M.A.2008The Lancet
372 (9655), pp. 2023–2030.
4Printing and prototyping of tissues and scaffolds [23].Derby, B.2012Science 338 (6109), pp. 921–926510Mechanical properties and cell cultural response of polycaprolactone scaffolds designed and fabricated via fused deposition modelling [42].Hutmacher D.W., Schantz T., Zein I., Ng K.W., Teoh S.H., Tan K.C.2001Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
55 (2), pp. 203–216.
5Additive manufacturing of tissues and organs [43].Melchels, F.P.W., Domingos, M.A.N., Klein, T.J., Bartolo, P.J., Hutmacher, D.W.2012Progress in Polymer Science 37 (8), pp. 1079–1104495Solid freeform fabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds for engineering replacement tissues and organs [44].Leong K.F., Cheah C.M., Chua C.K.2003Biomaterials
24 (13), pp. 2363–2378.
625th anniversary article: Engineering hydrogels for biofabrication [45].Malda, J., Visser, J., Melchels, F.P., Groll, J., Hutmacher, D.W.2013Advanced Materials 25 (36), pp. 5011–5028465Stem cell-based tissue engineering with silk biomaterials [46].Wang Y., Kim H.-J., Vunjak-Novakovic G., Kaplan D.L.2006Biomaterials
27 (36), pp. 6064–6082.
7A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity [47].Kang, H.-W., Lee, S.J., Ko, I.K., Yoo, J.J., Atala, A.2016Nature Biotechnology 34 (3), pp. 312–319466Scaffold-free vascular tissue engineering using bioprinting [38].Norotte C., Marga F.S., Niklason L.E., Forgacs G.2009Biomaterials
30 (30), pp. 5910–5917
8Printing three-dimensional tissue analogues with decellularized extracellular matrix bioink [48].Pati, F., Jang, J., Ha, D.-H., Kim, D.-H., Cho, D.-W.2014Nature Communications 53,935412Organ printing: Tissue spheroids as building blocks [49].Mironov V., Visconti R.P., Kasyanov V., Forgacs G., Drake C.J., Markwald R.R.2009Biomaterials
30 (12), pp. 2164–2174.
9Tissue engineering by self-assembly and bio-printing of living cells [50].Jakab, K., Norotte, C., Marga, F., Vunjak-Novakovic, G., Forgacs, G.2010Biofabrication 2 (2),0220012903D bioprinting of vascularized, heterogeneous cell-laden tissue constructs [24].Kolesky D.B., Truby R.L., Gladman A.S., Busbee T.A., Homan K.A., Lewis J.A.2014Advanced Materials
26 (19), pp. 3124–3130
103D Bioprinting of heterogeneous aortic valve conduits with alginate/gelatin hydrogel [51].Duan, B., Hockaday, L.A., Kang, K.H., Butcher, J.T.2013Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A 101 A(5), pp. 1255–1264244Binding and condensation of plasmid DNA onto functionalized carbon nanotubes: Toward the construction of nanotube-based gene delivery vectors [52].Singh R., Pantarotto D., McCarthy D., Chaloin O., Hoebeke J., Partidos C.D., Briand J.-P., Prato M., Bianco A., Kostarelos K.2005Journal of the American Chemical Society
127 (12), pp. 4388–4396.