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Table 3 Comparison of authors in bioprinting ranked by experts versus the most influential authors disclosed in this study

From: Disclosing Main authors and Organisations collaborations in bioprinting through network maps analysis

RankList of most influential authors provided by expertsList of most influential authors found on this study
1Atala A.Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative MedicineAtala A.Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
2Mironov V.Laboratory for Biotechnological researchKhademhosseini Ali L.I.Brigham and Women’s hospital
3Malda J.Utrech UniversityMironov V.Laboratory for Biotechnological research
4Derby B.University of ManchesterSun W.Drexel University and Tsinghua University
5Sun W.Drexel University and Tsinghua UniversityWang X.Tsinghua University
6Lewis J.HarvardCho D. W.Pohang University of Science and Technology
7Yoo J.Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.Zhang L. G.George Washington University
8Woodfield T.University of OtagoOkano T.Tokyo Women’s Medical University
9Dalton P.University of WurzburgZhang Y.Brigham and Women’s hospital
10M. Zanobi-WongETH ZurichRezende R. A.Centre for information Technology Renato Archer