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Table 1 Source of the 70 non-unique synonyms found for the term hypertension (DOID:10763) per-ontology

From: Improved characterisation of clinical text through ontology-based vocabulary expansion

Ontology Source Number of Synonyms
GWAS_EFO_SKOS Lexical 16
MESH Lexical 4
HTN [26] Lexical, Equivalency 3 (2)
CRISP Lexical 1
CCTOO [33] Lexical 6
ONTONEO Lexical, Equivalency 4 (3)
NCIT [34] Lexical 6
COSTART Lexical 7
BAO Lexical, Equivalency 2
CSSO Lexical 2
ODAE Lexical, Equivalency 2
DO 3
DTO Equivalency 2
Total 70
Total Unique 28
  1. Of these synonyms, 28 were unique. The source column describes which class matching methods were used to match classes that contributed synonyms from the external ontology. Lexical refers to when classes were found through a matching first label, and equivalency through a semantic equivalency query. Bracketed numbers, where given, are the labels found by the equivalency method only