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Table 5 Summary of conventionally used annotation properties considered in this experiment

From: Improved characterisation of clinical text through ontology-based vocabulary expansion

Annotation Property Identifier Definition
label rdfs:label “a human-readable version of a resource’s name [40].”
altLabel skos:core#altLabel “An alternative lexical label for a resource [41].”
has_exact_synonym hasExactSynonym “An alias in which the alias exhibits true synonymy [42].”
has_narrow_synonym hasNarrowSynonym “An alias in which the alias is narrower than the primary class name. Example: pyrimidine-dimer repair
   by photolyase is a narrow synonym of photoreactive repair [42].”
has_broad_synonym hasBroadSynonym “An alias in which the alias is broader than the primary class name. Example: cell division is a broad
   synonym of cytokinesis [42].”
alternative term IAO_0000118 “An alternative name for a class or property which means the same thing as the preferred name
   (semantically equivalent) [4].”
  1. Definitions come from the description of the annotation properties in their respective top-level ontologies.