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Table 5 IDO Core epidemiological terms

From: The Infectious Disease Ontology in the age of COVID-19

IDO Core Term


infectious disease epidemic

Process of infectious disease realizations for which there is a statistically significant increase in the infectious disease incidence of a population.

infectious disease pandemic

Process in which multiple infectious disease epidemics of the same type of infectious disease unfold over overlapping periods of time and affect organism populations located in different geographic regions, including different countries and continents.

infectious disease incidence

Quality that inheres in an organism population and is the number of realizations of an infectious disease for which the infectious disease course begins during a specified period of time.

directive information content entity (IAO)

Information Content Entity that consists of a set of propositions or images (as in the case of a blueprint) that prescribes some Entity.

disease surveillance objective specification (APOLLO-SV)

Objective specification whose endpoint is human awareness of the level of a disease in a particular population of a given biological taxon during some time interval.

infectious disease control objective specification (APOLLO-SV)

Objective specification that is realized by processes that are able or likely to stop the spread of a disease in a population.

infectious disease control strategy


Plan specification whose objective specification is an infectious disease control objective specification.

contact tracing (APOLLO-SV)

Infectious disease control strategy that identifies and treats contacted organisms in a host population.

quarantine control strategy (APOLLO-SV)

Infectious disease control strategy whereby asymptomatic carriers who have had contact with pathogens are prevented from having contact with other susceptible organisms.