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Table 3 Examples of differences in semantic roles of the arguments of the same verb (underlined) in VerbNet and BioVerbNet

From: BioVerbNet: a large semantic-syntactic classification of verbs in biomedicine

Source Example sentence Verb Frame
VerbNet The couple settled there Agent V Location
BioVerbNet Most parasites settle within this area Patient V {in} Location
VerbNet The gardener grew that acorn into an oak tree Agent V Patient {into} Product
BioVerbNet Alga-free paramecia and symbiotic algae can grow independently Agent {and} Co-Agent {can} V ADV
VerbNet He responded to my call Agent V Theme
BioVerbNet Plants respond to damage Agent V Source
VerbNet The secretary transcribed the speech Agent V Theme
BioVerbNet These viruses transcribe their genomes in the nuclei of infected cells Bio-Agent V Patient {in} Location