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Table 4 Examples of syntactic annotation (verb class members underlined)

From: BioVerbNet: a large semantic-syntactic classification of verbs in biomedicine

Verb sub-class Example sentence Syntactic annotation
1.1.2 Suppress Amine groups quench the excited fluorophore NP V NP
1.3.0 Increase/Decrease Hormonal stimuli decline NP V
  Antibody levels decline rapidly NP V ADVP
2.2.2 Cleave The activated caspases truncate procaspase-3 NP V NP
  The conjugated salts chop the cell membrane into pieces NP V NP PP
2.3.0 Interact Both drug classes synergize NP V
  Estrogen may synergize with nonaromatizable androgens NP V PP
4.1.1 Wash Subepithelial mucous gland secretions clean the valvular crypts NP V NP
4.2.0 Precipitate Specific antisera coprecipitate IGFBP-5 NP V NP
  VITF-A and the viral capping enzyme copurify to near homogeneity NP V PP
8.1.2 Chemically combine Nonfunctional receptors could not dimerize NP V
  Curcumin can chelate metal ions NP V NP
  Lomefloxacin can chelate with heavy metals NP V PP
9.5.0 Decipher We comprehend NP V
  We decipher the molecular determinants NP V NP
10.2.0 Score We classify these diseases as immunodeficiencies NP V NP PP
  Clinicians classify the patient correctly NP V NP ADVP
17.2.2 Downregulate gene expression HDAC4 and MEF2C downmodulate c-jun promoter activity NP V NP
  MicroRNAs silence the expression of target genes post-transcriptionally NP V NP PP ADVP
20.1.3 Repair Hematopoietic stem cells can reconstitute the bone marrow NP V NP
  Adult zebra fish regenerate their caudal fin following partial amputation NP V NP PP