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Table 1 55 data sets and 7 health business domains

From: Defining health data elements under the HL7 development framework for metadata management

Domain Data set Domain Data set
Electronic Medical Record 01: medical record summary
02: outpatient and emergency medical record
03: outpatient and emergency prescription
04: examination and laboratory test record
05: general therapy and treatment record
06: delivery record of therapy and treatment
07: nursing operation records
08: nursing evaluation and plan
09: informed consent
10: first page of inpatient medical record
11: first page of inpatient medical record summary of traditional Chinese medicine
12: admission record
13: inpatient progress note
14: inpatient order
15: discharge summary
16: transfer record
Disease Control 01: HIV/AIDS prevention and control
02: schistosomiasis management
03: chronic filariasis management
04: occupational disease report
05: occupational health surveillance
06: behavioral risk monitoring
07: medical certificate of death
08: infectious disease report
09: tuberculosis report
10: immunization
11: tuberculosis (TB) management
12: tuberculosis (TB) patient drug-resistant management
13: adverse event following immunization
14: vaccine management
15: registration and report of stroke
16: management of stroke patient
17: cervical cancer screening registry
18: colorectal cancer screening registry
Medical Service 01: outpatient summary
02: hospitalization patient summary
03: adults health examination
01: hepatitis B patients management
02: hypertension patients management
03: severe psychiatric disease patients management
04: elderly health management
05: type 2 diabetes patients health management
06: cancer patients management
Children’s Health 01: birth certificate
02: children’s physical examination
03: new born screening
04: nutritional disease of children management
Women’s Health 01: premarital care
02: screening common gynecological diseases
03: technical service of family planning
04: maternal healthcare and high-risk management
05: prenatal screening and diagnosis
06: birth defect monitoring
Basic Health
01: health record for residents
02: residents’ health card