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Table 2 Class comparison and reasons for differences between HCDM and HL7 RIM

From: Defining health data elements under the HL7 development framework for metadata management

HCDM HL7 RIM Reasons for Differences
Entity Entity Person is a subclass of Living Subject in RIM. Considering the applicability of health metadata management, we moved up one level and directly adopted Person as the subclass of Entity.
Organization Organization
  Living Subject
Person Person
Place Place
Material Material
Role Role Contents of subclasses Patient, LicensedEntity, and Access can be expressed through vocabularies Role class code and role code in HCDM.
Employee Employee
RoleLink RoleLink  
Participation Participation ManagedParticipation is the subclass of Participation to constrain the participation status, which is not concerned in HCDM.
Act Act ControlAct in RIM is used to regulate the content of the transaction contract, and it is no corresponding data in HCDM. Also, no data is currently attributed to Device Task, Working List, diet and Account in HCDM. The HCDM includes 24 disease control and management datasets, in which risk factor exposure is the indispensable information, so a special class Exposure is added.
Observation Observation
PublicHealthCase PublicHealthCase
Procedure Procedure
Substance Administration Substance Administration
Patient Encounter Patient Encounter
Supply Supply
Invoice Element InvoiceElement
FinancialTransaction FinancialTransaction
FinancialContract FinancialContract
  Device Task
  Working List
ActRelationship ActRelationship