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Table 5 Standardized description of general DE Person Nationality Code

From: Defining health data elements under the HL7 development framework for metadata management

Metadata Value
Metadata name Person Nationality Code
Data element attributes
 Metadata type General Data element
 Specification name Person Nationality Code
 Synonyms nationality code
 Metadata identifier 655217
 Register status Draft
 Definition From a legal sense to person’s definition of nation. In general, if a person has the nationality means that the individual is legal citizen in the country.
 Data type CS
 Register organization Centre for Health Statistics and Information of National Health Commission of China
 Version V1.0
 Usea (1) Children’s HealthDataSet-01: birth certification; (2) Disease Management Data Set-01: hepatitis B patients management; (3) Women’s Health Data Set-01: premarital health examination
Data element concept attributes
 Data element conceptb Person’s nationality
 Object classc Person
 Object class identifier PersonID
 Propertyd Nationality
 Property identifier NationalityID
Value domain attribute
 Format Code
 Classification Schema GB/T 2659–2000 [49]
 Classification Schema Identifier Person Nationality Code ID
  1. Comments: a:datasets which use this data element. b:concept that can be represented in the form of a data element, described independently of any particular representation (see ISO/IEC 11179–3). c:set of ideas, abstractions, or things in the real world that are identified with explicit boundaries and meaning and whose properties and behavior follow the same rules. d:characteristic of an object or entity.