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Table 6 Controlled vocabularies Entity Class Code and Entity Code

From: Defining health data elements under the HL7 development framework for metadata management

EntityclassCode Entity code Concept IDa
Organizations E402924
  Public agencies E552357
  Administrative areas E858133
Organism E631881
  Humans E545147
  No-human living E568177
  Microorganisms E373479
  Animals E367680
  Plants E827127
Material E224432
  Material for manufacture E799047
  Containers E570708
  Devices E692167
  Chemicals E475018
  Food E276604
Place E239241
  Nations E740660
  Province (Autonomous region, Municipalities) E777781
  District (City,State,League) E761880
  Country (District,Banner) E749454
  Towns (Streets) E385646
  Villages (Neighbourhood committees, Community) E577135
  1. Comments: a:The concepts in NHDD are coded an unique concept ID, and can be identified and managed through this ID. The first letter in the concept ID is the first letter of the object class which the concept belongs, and the next six digits number is an unique random number and created by a computer program.