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Table 7 The process of forming initial data elements, general data elements and domain data elements in the class “Entity”

From: Defining health data elements under the HL7 development framework for metadata management

HCDM Initial data element HCDM Data type General data element Terms in Controlled Vocabularies Domain data element
class attribute name component format
Entity class classCode Entity Class Code CS Code Code Entity Class Code Organizations Organizations code
Public agencies code
determinerCode Entity DeterminerCode CS Code Code Entity Determiner Code Humans General described for person
id EntityII Set<II> root UID/OID Symbol Entity II UID/OID Organizations ID UID
Extension Symbol Entity II Organizations ID number
identifierName Text Entity Identifier Name Organizations ID name
code Entity Code CE Code Code Entity Code Organizations Organization code
quantity Entity Quantity PQ Value Values Entity Quantity Humans
The number of people
The number of institutions
Number of Chinese medicine
Tablets to drink (agent)
Unit Code Entity Quantity Unit (UCUM) Humans Person’s height (cm)
Person’s weight (kg)
name Entity Name EN Formatted Text Entity Name Humans Patient name
Mother name
Father name
Neonatal name
Encounter name
Use code Code Entity Name Type Code Humans
desc EntityDesc ED Data Text or Multimedia Entity Describe Humans Organization Describe
existenceTime EntityExist Time TS IVL<TS> Values Entity Existence Effective Time Humans Organization existence effective time
telecom EntityTelecom URL Address Text Entity Telecom Address Humans
home address
primary home address
vacation home address
Scheme,CS Code Entity Telecom Means Code Humans
Use code Code Entity Telecom Address Type Code Humans
Patient telephone number
Work telephone number
Guardian’s phone number
Person’s phone number
Useable Period Values Entity Telecom Address Useable Period Humans
Patient telephone number useable period
Work telephone number useable period
Guardian’s phone number useable period
  1. Note: all attributes of Entity are listed in the table. The entity class code and code only show the code part of the Table 6