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Table 1 Questions and answers using TMO-integrated data sources

From: The Translational Medicine Ontology and Knowledge Base: driving personalized medicine by bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Question Answer
What are the diagnostic criteria for AD? There are 12 diagnostic inclusion criteria and 9 exclusion criteria.
Does Medicare D cover Donepezil? Medicare D covers 2 brand name formulations of Donepezil: Aricept and Aricept ODT.
Have any AD patients been treated for other neurological conditions? Patient 2 was found to suffer from AD and depression.
Clinical Trial  
Since my patient is suffering from drug-induced side effects for AD treatment, can an AD clinical trial with a different mechanism of action (MOA) be identified? Of the 438 drugs linked to AD trials, only 58 are in active trials and only 2 (Doxorubicin and IL-2) have a documented MOA. 78 AD-associated drugs have an established MOA.
Find AD patients without the APOE4 allele as these would be good candidates for the clinical trial involving Bapineuzumab? Of the four patients with AD, only one does not carry the APOE4 allele, and may be a good candidate for the clinical trial.
What active trials are ongoing that would be a good fit for Patient 2? 58 Alzheimer trials: 2 mild cognitive impairment, 1 hypercholesterolaemia, 66 my-ocardial infarction, 46 anxiety, and 126 depression.
What genes are associated with or implicated in AD? Diseasome and PharmGKB indicate at least 97 genes have some association with AD.
Which SNPs may be potential AD biomark-ers? PharmGKB reveals 63 SNPs
Which market drugs might potentially be re-purposed for AD because they modulate AD implicated genes? 57 compounds or classes of compounds that are used to treat 45 diseases, including AD, hyper/hypotension, diabetes and obesity.