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Table 1 Comparisons of OWL verbalisers

From: Automating generation of textual class definitions from OWL to English

System Tbox Abox Coverage Grouping Aggregation Lexicon Domain
ACE [19] Yes Yes OWL-2 Yes No Automatic Generic
ROA [35] Yes Yes Unclear Unclear Yes Automatic Generic
SWOOP [23] Yes Unclear OWL-DL No No Automatic Generic
MIAKT [36] No Yes RDF Yes Yes Handcrafted Specific
NaturalOWL [18] Yes Yes OWL-DL Yes Yes User-defined Specific
GINO [37] Yes Unclear Unclear No No Automatic Generic
LIBER [17] No Yes RDF Yes Yes User-defined Specific
SWAT Tools Yes Yes OWL-2 Yes Yes Automatic Generic
  1. Comparison of OWL verbalisers. ‘TBox’ contains the ontology’s classes and properties; ‘ABox’ contains the individuals and the assertions upon them. Coverage is approximate: for instance, ACE and SWAT cover nearly all of OWL-2, but with a few omissions. ‘Lexicon’ indicates the source of lexical entries for atomic entities; ‘Domain’ is generic if the system can produce text for any ontology (of the stated OWL coverage) with English-based names, and specific if handcrafted lexical entries or grammar rules are needed.