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Table 1 A sample discharge summary excerpt and the corresponding entries in the gold standard

From: A cascade of classifiers for extracting medication information from discharge summaries

Excerpt of Discharge Summary
55 the patient noted that he had a recurrence of this
56 vague chest discomfort as he was sitting and
57 talking to friends. He took a sublingual
58 Nitroglycerin without relief.
65 Flomax ( Tamsulosin ) 0.4 mg, po, qd,...
Gold standard:
m=“Nitroglycerin” 58:0 58:0 ||do=“nm”||
mo=“sublingual” 57:6 57:6 ||f=“nm” ||du=“nm” ||
r=“vague chest discomfort” 56:0 56:2 ||
m="flomax ( tamsulosin )" 65:0 65:3||do="0.4 mg"
65:4 65:5||mo="po" 65:6 65:6||f="qd" 65:7
  1. The fields inside an entry are separated by “||”. Each field is represented by the string and its position (i.e., “line number: token number” offsets). “nm” means the field value is not present for this medication event. The fields are medication name (m), dosage (do), mode (mo), frequency (f), duration (d), and reason (r).