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Table 3 Selected results of the analysis of regularities in present and absent cases

From: Analysing Syntactic Regularities and Irregularities in SNOMED-CT

  Present Absent
Total number of entities starting with “Present” or “Absent” 0 1
Total number of entities having “present” or “absent” in the middle of their name 59 24
Number of clusters that include the target entities 6 5
Number of generalisations describing the target entities 65 39
Number of instantiations referring to the target entities 404 236
Number of target entities that were not in any cluster. 1 0
Number of clusters including entities with multiple role groups (RoleGroup) in their axioms 3 3
Number of clustered entities using multiple role groups (RoleGroup) in their axioms 4 3
Number of generalisations which instantiations explicitly refer to the present (Known present (qualifier value)) or absent qualifier (Known absent (qualifier value)) 23 (35%) 15 (39%)
Number of instantiations that explicitly refer to the present or absent qualifier 127 (31%) 81 (34%)