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Table 5 Experiment 2 - Changes in the alignment (equivalence mapping (≡), ToxOntology term is-a MeSH term (→), MeSH term is-a ToxOntology term (←), related terms (R), wrong mapping (W))

From: A unified approach for debugging is-a structure and mappings in networked taxonomies

ToxOntology MeSH Original Final Final Final
   alignment alignment alignment alignment
     manual RepOSE
Metabolism Metabolism removed ←
Photosensitisation Photosensitivity disorders R R removed ←, →
Phototoxicity Dermatitis phototoxic R R removed ←, →
Inhalation Administration inhalation W W removed ←, →
Urticaria Urticaria pigmentosa W W removed ←
Autoimmunity Diabetes mellitus type 1 R R removed ←
Autoimmunity Hepatitis autoimmune R R removed ←
Autoimmunity Thyroiditis autoimmune R R removed ←
Gastrointestinal metabolism Carbohydrate metabolism W W removed ←
Gastrointestinal metabolism Lipid metabolism W W removed ←
Cirrhosis Fibrosis R R removed ←, →
Cirrhosis Liver cirrhosis -
Metabolism Biotransformation -
Metabolism Carbohydrate metabolism W W -
Metabolism Lipid metabolism W W -
Hepatic porphyria Porphyrias W removed ←
Hepatic porphyria Drug induced liver injury R - removed →