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Table 1 Examples of pathology term qualifiers now incorporated into PATO

From: The mouse pathology ontology, MPATH; structure and applications

Qualifier PATO Class name Definition
Severity 0000461 Normal No lesions
  0000394 Mild Lesion dependent; often size, number and characteristics.
  0000395 Moderate
  0000465 Marked
  0000396 Severe
Duration 0002387 Per-acute Extremely acute and aggressive
  0000389 Acute Beginning abruptly with marked intensity
  0002091 Subacute Between acute and chronic
  0001863 Chronic Slow progress and long continuance
  0002387 Chronic-active Coexistence of chronic process and superimposed acute process
Distribution 0000627 Focal Single well delineated lesion
  0002388 Focally extensive Single lesion with expansion into surrounding tissue
  0001791 Multifocal Multiple lesions
  0002389 Multifocal to coalescing Multiple lesions some interconnecting with each other
  0000330 Random No appreciable pattern
  0001566 Diffuse Not circumscribed or limited
  0000635 Generalized Affecting all regions without specificity of distribution
  0000634 Unilateral Confined to one side only
  0000618 Bilateral Involving both sides
  0002389 Segmental Relating to a segment