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Table 1 Accessing the DAO

From: The Drosophila anatomy ontology

Target Base URL extension
Homepage fbbt
Term request tracker fbbt/tracker
Pre-reasoned OBO version, no imports fbbt/fbbt-simple.obo
Full OWL version withimports fbbt/fbbt-non-classified.owl
Version described in thispaper fbbt/releases/2013-07-26/
Full download guide fbbt/downloads
Individual term details for FBbt_0000423 - Resolves programmatically to XML FBbt_0000423
  1. The DAO is openly available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence. DAO files, documentation and related resources can all be accessed via Persistent URLs (PURLs). The base URL for all PURLS is Column 1 describes the targets of various PURLs specified in Column 2 as extensions to this base URL. The two columns should be combined without any additional spaces. e.g. We recommend opening OWL versions in Protégé 4.3 and classifying the full OWL version using the ELK reasoner [9]. The files in dated release folders follow the same naming convention as the latest versions.