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Table 2 Examples of Post-composed classes

From: The zebrafish anatomy and stage ontologies: representing the anatomy and development of Danio rerio

Type of Post-composition Classes Manchester Syntax
ZFA + ZFA ‘motor neuron’ + ‘spinal cord’ (ZFA:0009052) (ZFA:0000075) ‘motor neuron’ that part_of some ‘spinal cord’
BSPO + ZFA ‘dorsal region’ + ‘spinal cord’ ‘dorsal region’ that part_of some ‘spinal cord’
(BSPO:0000079) (ZFA:0000075)
GO-CC + ZFA ‘axon’ + ‘motor neuron’ ‘axon’ that part_of some ‘motor neuron’
(GO:0030424) (ZFA:0009052)
MPATH + ZFA ‘Melanoma’ + ‘head’ ‘Melanoma’ that part_of some ‘head’
(MPATH:359) (ZFA:0001114)