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Table 6 Conjoined corpus space results on clinical + medical development set

From: Synonym extraction and abbreviation expansion with ensembles of semantic spaces

Strategy Abbr →Exp Exp →Abbr Syn
RI   RP Result RI RP Result RI RP Result
RIRP30 RI_4 RP_4_sw 0.30 RI_4 RP_4_sw 0.18 RI_8 RP_8_sw 0.41
RI_20 RP_4_sw
RPRI30 RI_4 RP_4 0.23 RI_4 RP_4_sw 0.13 RI_8 RP_8 0.36
RI_4 RP_4_sw RI_8 RP_8_sw RI_8 RP_8_sw
RI_8 RP_8 RI_20 RP_2_sw RI_20 RP_2_sw
RI_20 RP_2 RI_20 RP_4_sw RI_20 RP_4_sw
RI_20 RP_4     
RI + RP RI_2 RP_2_sw 0.25 RI_4 RP_4_sw 0.18 RI_8 RP_8_sw 0.46
RI_8 RP_8_sw
RI_20 RP_4_sw
  1. Results (recall, top ten) of the best configurations for each model and model combination on the three tasks. The configurations are described according to the following pattern: model_windowSize. For RP, sw means that stop words are retained in the model.