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Figure 4

From: Ontorat: automatic generation of new ontology terms, annotations, and axioms based on ontology design patterns

Figure 4

Demonstration of an Ontorat use case for ontology enrichment. This use case aimed to enrich the Cell Line Ontology (CLO) with new over 1,000 cell line celles collected in Japan RIKEN Cell Bank. First the ODP was identified to define these cell line cells (a). As guided by the ODP, a list of Ontorat settings was generated to specify axiom expressions with possible variables of terms and annotations (b). The template file (c) was also generated and used to fill specific contents (d). Finally Ontorat generated an OWL format output file containing newly created ontology terms together with their annotations. The output could be displayed using the Protégé-OWL editor (e). It is noted that only parts of Ontorat settings and input data file are shown here. The full version of the files is available on:

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