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Table 5 Labels generated by the kNN-Classifier with their corresponding relevance scores for the document having the 23044786 PMID

From: Large scale biomedical texts classification: a kNN and an ESA-based approaches

Labels Relevance Manual validation
Humans 0.99 Yes
Postoperative care 0.75 Yes
Female 0.60 Yes
Male 0.60 Yes
Middle aged 0.32 Yes
General surgery 0.32 Yes
Medical errors 0.32 Yes
Patient care team 0.32 No
Postoperative complications 0.32 No
Adult 0.26 Yes
Safety management 0.26 No
Aged 0.25 Yes
Prospective studies 0.21 Yes
Length of stay 0.21 No
Patient safety 0.20 Yes
Surgical procedures, operative 0.20 No