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Table 6 Databases used for experiment 1

From: NCBO Ontology Recommender 2.0: an enhanced approach for biomedical ontology recommendation

Database name Acronym Topic Source field Type
ARRS GoldMiner GM Biomedical images Image caption Text
Autism Database (AutDB) AUTDB Autism spectrum disorders Phenotype profile Text
Gene Expression Omnibus GEO Gene expression Summary Text
Integrated Disease View IDV Disease and treatment Description Text
PubMed PM Biomedicine Abstract Text
PubMed Health Drugs PMH Drugs Why is this medication prescribed? Text
Adverse Event Reporting System AERS Adverse events Adverse reactions Keywords
AgingGenesDB AGDB Aging related genes Keywords Keywords CT Clinical trials Condition Keywords
DrugBank DBK Drugs Drug category Keywords
PharmGKB-Gene PGGE Relationships about drugs, diseases and genes Gene related diseases Keywords
UniProt KB UPKB Proteins Biological processes Keywords
  1. The table shows the database name, its acronym, the main topic of the database, the specific field from which the information was extracted, and the type of textual data extracted (i.e., text or keywords)