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Table 3 Reviewed papers

From: MIRO: guidelines for minimum information for the reporting of an ontology

Title Journal Year
LOTED2: An Ontology of European Public Procurement Notices [27] SWJ 2016
PPROC, an Ontology for Transparency in Public Procurement [28] SWJ 2016
Overview of the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology [29] SWJ 2016
The Document Components Ontology (DoCO) [30] SWJ 2016
The Data Mining OPtimization Ontology [31] JWS 2015
My Corporis Fabrica Embryo: An ontology-based 3D spatio-temporal modeling of human embryo development [32] JBMS 2015
Development of an Ontology for Periodontitis [33] JBMS 2015
Developing VISO: Vaccine Information Statement Ontology for patient education [34] JBMS 2015
Development and application of an interaction network ontology for literature mining of vaccine-associated gene-gene interactions [35] JBMS 2015
The cellular microscopy phenotype ontology [36] JBMS 2016
The Non-Coding RNA Ontology (NCRO): a comprehensive resource for the unification of non-coding RNA biology [37] JBMS 2016
OBIB-a novel ontology for biobanking JBMS 2016
VICO: Ontology-based representation and integrative analysis of Vaccination Informed Consent forms [38] JBMS 2016
MicrO: an ontology of phenotypic and metabolic characters, assays, and culture media found in prokaryotic taxonomic descriptions [39] JBMS 2016
Representing vision and blindness JBMS 2016
Towards exergaming commons: composing the exergame ontology for publishing open game data [40] JBMS 2016
An ontology for major histocompatibility restriction [41] JBMS 2016
  1. Journals are Semantic Web Journal (SWJ), Journal of Biomedical Semantics (JBMS) and Journal of Web Semantics (JWS)