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Table 1 List of reused ontologies

From: DMTO: a realistic ontology for standard diabetes mellitus treatment

Full name Acronym Ver. Authors Location Main purpose
Diabetes diagnosis ontology DDO 2015 Shaker El-Sappagh A standardized ontology that collects all of the classes, properties, and axioms of diabetes diagnosis process.
Basic formal ontology BFO 2015 Barry Smith A genuine top-level ontology used to support the creation of domain ontologies with unified semantics.
Ontology of general medical science OGMS 2017 Richard Scheuermann An upper level ontology to uniformly formulate the diseases diagnosis and treatment semantics under the semantics of the BFO ontology.
The Drug-Drug Interactions Ontology DINTO 2015 Maria Herrero Describes and categorizes all drug-drug interactions and all the possible mechanisms that can lead to them.
Relation ontology RO 2017 Chris Mungall A standardized collection of relations or object properties.
Semantic Mining of Activity, Social, and Health data SMASH 2015 Dejing Dou, Hao Wang Describes the semantic features of healthcare data and social networks.
Phenotypic Quality Ontology PATO 2014 George Gkoutos Models the semantics of phenotypes.
OntoFood ontology FO 2015 Vikas Ontology and SWRL rules of the nutrition of diabetes patients.
Systematized Nomenclature of medicine-clinical terms SNOMED CT 2017 SNOMED International The most comprehensive standard medical terminology.
RxNorm RxNorm 2017 NLM A normalized naming system for generic, branded, and standard drug names, ingredients, and other properties.
OWL Time TIME 2017 Chris Little Simon Cox Ontology of temporal concepts for describing the temporal properties of resources.