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Table 12 Some one-to-one mappings discovered by the positive relation-based formal contexts

From: Matching biomedical ontologies based on formal concept analysis

Correct 〈MA:cerebellar layer, NCI:Cortical Cell Layer of the Cerebellum
  〈MA:hindlimb bone, NCI:Bone of the Lower Extremity
  〈MA:arrector pili smooth muscle, NCI:Erector Muscle of the Hair
  〈FMA:Cardiac muscle tissue, NCI:Myocardium
  〈FMA:Wall of smooth endoplasmic reticulum, SNOMED:Agranular endoplasmic reticulum membrane
  〈SNOMED:Forodesine, NCI:Immucillin-H
  〈SNOMED:Pediculus humanus, NCI:Body Lice
  〈SNOMED:Structure of metathalamus, NCI:Geniculate Body
  〈SNOMED:Juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, NCI:Batten Disease
Incorrect 〈MA:left atrium auricular region, NCI:Opening of the Pulmonary Vein
  〈MA:septal coronary artery, NCI:Left Coronary Artery Branch
  〈MA:transverse sinus, NCI:Inferior Sagittal Sinus
  〈FMA:Amygdala, NCI:Cerebral Gray Matter
  〈SNOMED:Parakeratosis, NCI:Dermatitis
  〈SNOMED:Extra embryonic structure, NCI:Other Embryologic Structure
Unknown 〈FMA:Greater vestibular gland, SNOMED:Bartholin s gland structure
  〈FMA:Intracranial branch of vertebral artery, SNOMED:Cranial branch of vertebral artery