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Table 6 Property-based formal context \( \mathbb {K}_{pro} \) of a small part of SNOMED and NCI

From: Matching biomedical ontologies based on formal concept analysis

  <〈SNOMED:Benign neoplasm of buccal mucosa, NCI:Benign Buccal Mucosa Neoplasm 〉, 〈SNOMED:Buccal mucosa, NCI:Buccal Mucosa 〉> <〈SNOMED:Synovioma benign, NCI:Benign Synovial Neoplasm 〉, 〈SNOMED:Soft tissues, NCI:Soft Tissue 〉> <〈SNOMED:Phocomelia of upper limb NOS, NCI:Phocomelia of the Upper Limb 〉, 〈SNOMED:Upper extremity part, NCI:Upper Extremity Part 〉> <〈SNOMED:Bowenoid papulosis, NCI:Bowenoid Papulosis 〉, 〈SNOMED:Human papilloma virus infection, NCI:Human Papilloma Virus Infection 〉> <〈SNOMED:Insulin coma, NCI:Insulin Coma 〉, 〈SNOMED:Hypoglycemia, NCI:Hypoglycemia 〉> <〈SNOMED:Laparoscopy, NCI:Laparoscopy 〉, 〈SNOMED:Endoscope device, NCI:Endoscope 〉>
SNOMED:Finding site × × ×    
SNOMED:Due to     × ×  
SNOMED:Using device       ×
NCI:Disease Has Primary Anatomic Site × ×     
NCI:Disease May Have Associated Disease     ×